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guys that is it those are the questions for this part 3 in a manifest that did have set intermittent fasting questions answered I hope  Vitax Lean you guys enjoyed it I hope it was very informative for you got it just water and if you guys have any more questions on intermittent fasting or anything go ahead and ask me in the question comment section comment section below and I will try my best to answer those questions and before I go I want to thank my patrons from my patreon and I'm gonna put their names right up here [Music] and thank you for watching and of course I'll see you on Wednesday for another FAQ basehi guys welcome back to my channel so today I figured I was already doing my makeup so I just wanted to jump on and do it get ready with me and at the same time answer a lot of questions that I've been getting messages about on my Instagram so yeah also a storytime because there is a story that I want to

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